What We Do

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


The health care landscape is crowded. Our capabilities help you focus your voice and get your message heard. 


Our campaigns are designed to integrate corporate messaging across all areas of your organization—delivered effectively to your targeted audience. We develop the strategies and tactics that make the plan actionable—and meaningful to your audience.  We execute. 


Our track record as a result-oriented, preeminent firm in the health care space positions Health2 Resources as a convener of health and health IT experts, patient-centered medical home leaders and experts in the accountable care space. We speak your language and understand your issues. We speak their language and work as an interpreter on your behalf. We work with you to define and measure success.


Our research team uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to gauge opinions, examine current trends, test messaging and assess outcomes. Because we know that presentation and framing matter, we wrap our unique graphic and design capabilities around our research projects to support the research theme, ideas and results. We will also work with you to disseminate the results.


Your audience may depend on the size of your megaphone. A well-crafted media strategy can amplify your voice. 

Health care is complex, but Health2 Resources is an expert at making sense out of health care. Our team synthesizes your key issues and frames your messages so they are meaningful and resonate with the media--across all formats. Our capabilities include the whole range of media outreach, from press event production to media interview training and story development/pitching.


Our team has extensive experience with successful development and execution of branding campaigns for non-profit, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Our creative team has experience with a wealth of media to put your brand and look to work in print, electronic and video.